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Co-Founder & Sporting Director SuperCharge

SuperCharge is an all-new global motorsport series based on next-generation electric crossover road cars such as electric compact SUVs. By delivering clear technical and commercial benefits for car manufacturers, presenting high-impact, high intensity entertainment to appeal to new audiences in urban locations and driving forward the uptake of clean and sustainable electric cars, SuperCharge aims to re-set the value, relevance and appeal of motorsport for future generations.

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BMW Group

Being appointed with several special tasks regarding BMW Group’s Motorsport activities mainly with reference to worldwide Endurance Racing, Customer Racing, relationships with motorsport authorities, promoters and organisers concerning technical, sporting and marketing regulations as well as strategic aspects.

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Member of Volkswagen Group Motorsport Steering Committee

Being charged with a number of special tasks regarding all Volkswagen Group's Motorsport activities mainly in the region of USA/North, Middle and South America for mainly Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini. E.g. Motorsport Market Analysis, negociations/collaboration with race series organisers and promotors regarding technical, sporting & marketing regulations.

Max Welti wird 2013 Motosport Direktor bei Lamborghini Squadra Corse im Bild während der Siegerehrung zur Lamborhini Super Trofeo auf dem Podest
Motorsport Director Lamborghini
Squadra Corse

2013 Responsible for the definition of Lamborghinis long term motorsport strategy ands setting-up their motorsport department.


Est. Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America & Asia.

Max Welt gewinnt 2008 mit dem A1 Team Switzerland als Teamprincipal und Seat Holder den A1 GP Worldcup of Motorsport im Bild Neel Jani
Teamprincipal & National Seat Holder           
A1 Team Switzerland - A1 GP

A1 TEAM SWITZERLAND became the most successful National Team entrant in the A1GP – World Cup of Motorsport between 2005-2009 by winning the World Championship in 2008 and being runner-up in 2006 and 2009.

Startaufstellung V8 Star Serie deren Geschäftsführer Max Welti im Jahr 2000 wird
Chief Executive Officer V8 STAR Silhouette Touring Car Championship

2000 est. V8STAR - a manufacturer independent silhouette touring car series in Central Europe (Planning, realisation and acquisition of technical, sponsor, media and sporting-partners; financial planning, sporting and political strategies, acquisition of teams and drivers).

1995 wird Max Welti Teamdirketor bei Sauber Formel 1 im Bild Johnny Herbert
Vice President Sauber Formula 1

FIA Formula 1 World Championship

1995-1998 Team Director Red Bull Sauber Ford/Ferrari & Member Management Committee Sauber Petronas Engineering, Swiss-Malay Engineering for racing and off-racing technical research and development.


1991 wird Max Welti Motorsportdirektor weltweit bei Porsche hier im Bild mit dem siegreichen Dauer Porsche 962 in Le Mans 1994
Porsche Motorsport Director Worldwide

1994:         SCCA World Challenge Champion, USA; 1st: São Paulo 1000 miles

                   Winner Le Mans 24 Hours

1993:         IMSA Supercar Champion, USA; 1st: Spa 24 Hours, 1st: São Paulo 1000miles

                   Porsche Supercup launche as Formula 1 support event

                   (now longest serving)

1992:         IMSA Supercar Champion, USA

1991/92:   Complete Reorganisation and Restructuring of PORSCHE Motorsport

1983 wird Max Weli Teammanager bei Sauber Racing und gewinnt 1990 mit dem Mercedes C9 das 24 Stunden Rennen von Le Mans
Team Manager Sauber Racing / Mercedes

1990:         World Sports Car (Group C) – World Champion with Mercedes

                   (constructors & drivers)

1989:         World Sports Car (Group C) – World Champion with Mercedes

                   (constructors & drivers)

                   Le Mans 24 Hours – Double Victory with Mercedes

1988:         SAUBER becomes Mercedes‘ official race department

                   World Sports Car (Group C) – World Vice Champion with Mercedes


1987:         German Supercup Champion for Sports Prototypes with Mercedes

1983/84    IMSA – International Motor Sports Association Championship, USA

1983:         Sports Prototype World Championship

1980 wird Max Welti Schweizer Meister hier im Bild mit dem Wittwer March BMW
Swiss Sports Prototype Champion

1980        Swiss Sports Prototype Champion with Wittwer March BMW

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