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Justice Brothers - a fascinating family story. Thanks Ed for the great evening!

"Many of us are familiar with the “glory days” of auto racing, but few have lived the experience as Ed Justice, Jr. has. His family’s history in the world of auto racing runs as deep and rich as the sport itself. As the son of Ed Justice, one of the famous Justice Brothers, Ed was exposed to the greatest icons of the automotive and racing industry from his earliest days. It was for this reason, years ago. . . at the ripe old age of 44, Ed was the youngest person to be inducted into the “Old Timers Club” at The Indianapolis 500 Speedway... Ed has been the President and CEO of Justice Brothers, Inc., a legendary international manufacturer and distributor of lubricants, additives and cleaners founded by his father, Ed and Uncles Gus and Zeke." ... - And, there is a great lot more to read about !!!

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